Memorial Healthcare Group

Memorıal BAHÇELİEVLER Hospıtal 

Outstanding technology, distinguished academic staff, patient-oriented service understanding, the green and healing power of art, modern architectural designs…

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, one of the most comprehensive health complexes in the world, brings a whole new understanding to the healthcare sector. Memorial Bahçelievler has, via the principle of humanity and respect for nature, realized the mission of providing ethical and quality healthcare services at global standards, the hospitality approach that carries the future to the contemporary time and was designed as one of the finest examples of contemporary architecture.

Memorıal ŞİŞLİ

Founded in 1995, Memorial Healthcare Investments Corporation’s first project was Memorial Şişli Hospital. Construction was completed in the late 1999 and Memorial Sisli Hospital received its first patient in February 2000.

Memorial Şişli Hospital has a prestigious reputation in areas such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, IVF and genetics and provides high-quality health care services in every medical specialty.

Şişli Hospital provides high-quality health care services at international standards to its local and international patients with its 53.000 square meters covered area, 200-bed capacity.

Memorıal ATAŞEHİR Hospıtal 

Memorial Atasehir Hospital, is a global hospital with its 21.000 square meter of area, 143 bed capacity, modern architecture, comfortable patient rooms, outpatient clinics, which are designed to affect patient’s psychology positively, full-fledged Radiology Department, PACS system, Coroner Intensive Care Unit, General Intensive Care Unit, CVS (Cardiovascular Surgery) and Newborn Intensive Care Units, Coronary Angio, Angio service, fully equipped operations and MRA and CT rooms which are designed with ambient technology to make patients feel comfortable during the radiological examinations.

Our center aims to respond to any emergency that a patient may have with Memorial quality and meeting medical necessities in growing regions.

Memorıal Antalya Hospıtal

Memorial Antalya Hospital is a world-class healthcare facility with internationally-recognized academic staff, specialized physicians, professional health care personnel who can combine their knowledge and experience with close attention to patient needs, patient-centered service standards, and top notch, effective patient care.

As a 15,000 square meter JCI-accredited health care facility, Memorial Antalya Hospital provides patients with a 400-strong medical and administrative staff, 132 in-patient beds, 28 intensive care beds, four intensive-care units, five operating theaters, a state-of-the-art radiology department, MRI and CT units, intensive care units with adjustable lighting to simulate day-night patterns, an American College of Embryology accredited embryology laboratory, coronary angiography service, and outpatient clinics with comforting and friendly atmospheres.

Memorial Antalya Hospital provides its patients and their loved ones with peace, quality and comfort in its modern patient rooms and living spaces. Memorial Antalya Hospital is easily accessible by virtue of being located right in the center of Kepez, Antalya; very close to many holiday resorts, the airport and the bus terminal. All departments of the hospital operate on a 24/7 basis to help creating healthier, better lives.

Memorıal Ankara Hospıtal 

Memorial Healthcare Group, shaping Turkish healthcare industry, a reference center in the international arena with its scientific and medical achievements, is now in the Capital City…

Memorial Ankara Hospital serves as the healthcare base of the region with its  departments that become prominent in the world as a reference center, its academic faculty that is comprised of specialist physicians, its patient-oriented service approach, its diagnosis and treatment facilities with the most advanced medical technology in Turkey, its modern architecture and brand new healthcare approach.

With its 230 bed capacity, of which 60 are in intensive care units; MR and CT rooms designed with “Ambience technology” to provide comfort to the patients during scanning, world-class Coronary Intensive Care, General Intensive Care, CVS Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care units, Digital Coronary Angiography room, Angiography service, full-fledged 11 operating rooms and 63 polyclinics, Memorial Ankara is designed as a world-class hospital. LED lamps used in the operating rooms that comply with the international standards, and where latest sterilization techniques are used, bring more comfort for the patient and operator thanks to their features such as adjustment of light color according to the characteristics of the operation and prevention of heat radiation.

Memorıal Kayseri Hospıtal 

Memorial Healthcare Group is with the patients in Central Anatolia region with its qualified healthcare services and perfection standards.

Memorial Kayseri Hospital is positioned to provide all healthcare needs of Central Anatolia region with its patient rooms, which have a modern architectural design, and living spaces as well as decent and strong academic personnel, leading expert physicians, medical personnel who combine knowledge with close interest and patient-oriented service mentality.

Memorial Kayseri Hospital, which is the 9th hospital of Memorial Healthcare Group, is placed on 11.000 square meter and gives service to its patients and patients’ visitors’ healthcare along with international quality and comfort with its 119-bed capacity and 5 operating room that have superior technological equipment.

PACS system creates a medical synergy among all Memorial Hospitals of Turkey by sharing cases with imaging and laboratory findings.

Memorial In Vitro Fertilization services, which is accepted as a reference by world’s most countries, united with Kayseri In Vitro Fertilization Center due to its suitability in that ethics and quality standards. Kayseri Ivf Center with the brand of  Memorial, continues to stand by the families who wish to have a child.

Memorıal DİYARBAKIR Hospıtal 

After Istanbul and Antalya, Memorial Hospitals Group brings healthcare to Southeastern Anatolia Region with Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital. With its physicians, diagnosis and treatment units, patient care units, hotel management services and hotel architecture, Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital is designed to provide service not only Diyarbakır but also to whole region.

Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital provides service with its 350 medical and managerial personnels, 14.000 square meter covered area and 140 bed capasity. There are 15 beds for general and newborn intensive care units each, 5 beds for CVS intensive care unit, 3 beds for coronary intensive care unit and 6 beds for operation rooms. There are suite rooms and rooms for handicapped patients as well as the patient rooms which are designed according to any needs of a patient with the modern medical architecture.

By being near to the airport and centred, Memorial Diyabakır has astrategic place in Diclekent. Thus Memorial is in reach of not only for the people of Diyarbakır but also for neighbouring provinces like; Batman, Mardin, Sanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Elazığ, Bingol, Mus, Bitlis and also for the patients from abroad.

Memorıal DİCLE

Memorial Healthcare Group has started to offer healthcare service of global standards also with its second address in Diyarbakır, Memorial Dicle Hospital.

Following Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital, Memorial’s second hospital in the city, Memorial Dicle Hospital, has been designed not only to serve Diyarbakır, but also to the whole region with its academic staff composed of specialist physicians having expertise in their fields, modern diagnosis and treatment units, technological equipment, and its architecture suitable for patient comfort.

Memorial Dicle Hospital, established on a closed area of 21 thousand square meters, serves with its medical and administrative staff of 250 people. In the hospital with the capacity of 138 beds, 9 surgery rooms, 26 neonatal ICU beds, 23 general ICU beds, 12 cardiology and cardio-vascular surgery ICU beds, and 5 pediatric ICU beds are available, totaling a total number of 66 ICU beds. Memorial Dicle Hospital has an advanced medicinal architecture, with its out-patient areas, patient rooms, comfortable suit rooms, playgrounds for children, and sections specially designed for the needs of disabled patients.