Hair Loss FAQs

Frequently Asked Question About Hair Loss

Why does our hair fall out?
Is it true that the mother side is dominant in hair loss?
Does genetic hair loss affect only men?
Does hair loss occur only after pregnancy or menopause in women?
Does stress cause hair loss?
Does any hair thinning indicate hereditary hair loss?
Does the hair until the age of 40 no longer fall?
Does cutting hair frequently increase the growth of hair?
Does using the wrong shampoo lead to hair loss?
What are the methods used in hair loss?
What is DDLT?
Who should use HairMax when?
How long and how to use HairMax HairMax's recommended ?
Should HairMax be applied only on the hair-starting part of the hair ?
How long the expected results are achieved ?
Can those who have hair transplant surgery use HairMAX?
Is HairMax's effectiveness approved?
Are there any side effects of HairMax?